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Do you have a self published eBook or hard copy? It’s time to put it right in front of the best audience you’ll ever need.

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eBookr offers you an opportunity to get your book on our bookstore for FREE even while we provide you all technical support.

Book Upload Guidelines

  • Upload your book for free download or with a price tag by Registering as a Book Vendor or using our Easy Book Upload feature. Click Here to Register or Click Here to Upload Book.
  • For books uploaded for free download, we charge absolutely nothing. But for books on sale.
  • We charge a certain commission on every successful purchase. The percentage will be revealed during registration as a Book Vendor.
  • To grant you an approval, we will need you to provide few details: Author Name, Book Title, ISBN/ISSN/ASIN (if available), Publisher name and a synopsis of the book for perusal and ownership verification.
  • You’re in control of the market (if you register as a Book Vendor). You will have access to know the progress you have made in downloads/sales.
  • You can request for withdrawal at any time.
  • All available books on our shop are of value but in case of irregularities, our refund policy is topnotch.

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