Advert Rates

Placement On Featured Tab

When the website is opened, your book will be among the first the users see. This advert method is very effective, and will help get your book the sales and publicity it needs.

Costs N3,000 for 7 days.

Push Notification

This is a short message about your book sent by us to users of our website who own android phones (they make up 80% of all users).

The message is displayed on their notification panel, whether they have the app open at the time or not.

Note that your push notification will be sent based on the schedule at the time of payment.

Cost per push notification is N10,000.

App Banner

When the website is opened, information about your book will be displayed as a banner directly above everything else on the home page. When the banner is clicked on, users will be redirected to the book being advertised.

Note that you are to design the banner (to include the book title and price). Otherwise, we can design at a starting price of N5,000 and 2 revisions of the design will be allowed.

Costs N30,000 for 1 week

Book Review/Email Blasts

We can publicize your book via an email that will be sent out to over 200,000 of our users. We will come up with the content of this email, in a bid to convince the receivers. It will also include a short synopsis of your book and a link to purchase.

The review will be written by one or more of our team of professionals.

The review might be included in the email blast and might be published by a reputable external platform. However, note that the decision to push it on the external website is solely up to us. 

Book Review only: N15,000

Email Blast only: N25,000

Book Review + Email Blast: N35,000

Custom Author Tab

Imagine a custom tab created just for you, to house all your books and give them a unique visual!

What’s even better? Your custom tab now shows on the home page and is randomized alongside other custom tabs, so every tab gets a shot at the top spot!

Costs N10,000 for 1 week and N35,000 for 4 weeks

Social Media Adverts

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) on our Instagram feed – N8,000

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) on our Instastory – N8,000

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) Facebook page – 5,000

Sponsored post (Photo or Video) Twitter – 6,000

Photos and videos are subject to our approval.

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